Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training programme is similar to our 6 week ‘TEAM SHAPE UP’ programme, except that we will design a team exercise programme specifically for you and your work mates.

During the Corporate Training programme the team will complete some “testing” (start and end) so that we can measure your success over the training period.

The sessions in between (testing), the team will be pushed to new limits, provided with some new challenges to help increase the health and fitness levels of the people involved. We can provide a tailored programme for your work place:

6–12 week programmes.
Indoor or outdoor sessions.
Different testing sessions – depending on what area you want to target.
All sessions will be designed using a variety of exercises and techniques.

Benefits which this programme can provide your work place are:
Team bonding
Increase in employee health (meaning less sick days).
Increased energy levels (meaning a higher productivity).
New challenges and something different to provide the work place.
And even the opportunity to challenge your rivals.

Contact ABSolute Health & Fitness today to get your work place started in this exciting new programme!